Gypsy vanner horses for sale in nc

Gypsy vanner horses for sale in nc

This illustrious herd is unparalleled in the Gypsy Horse community. SD bred Gypsy Cobs have a consistent and distinctive look. There is no other breeder that can make that claim.

You can spot an SD horse from a mile away. We would love to introduce you to Gypsy Horses done the SD way. We encourage you to come and visit us in person at either our farm in the UK or our farm in California. There is no substitute for seeing these magnificent horses in person. In the meantime please enjoy our website. These horses are impressive whether you are meeting them in person or via cyberspace. We have shipped horses all over the world. We can make your purchase and delivery a pain free and enjoyable experience.

It has been 3 years now since we made the move from [ Our darling Janey is now a married lady. She and Gavin Willcox [ For all of us there are defining moments where we stand at [ Jacob and James 6 weeks old We are very excited with our [ After a lot of practice on the streets of Acton, our big day [ Facebook Twitter YouTube. View All Photos. View All Videos.Gypsy Vanner horses for adoption are usually surrendered by their previous owners because of change in lifestyle, a lack of financial ability to maintain a horse, or the owner needs to find the Gypsy Vanner horse a companion.

Horse rescues work very hard to make sure horses are healthy and polite with people before being made available for adoption.

Gypsy Vanner horses are social creatures just like humans and must have social interactions with their own kind in order to be happy and healthy. This means that they will anticipate you are providing a home and safe atmosphere for the Gypsy Vanner horse its entire life.

Gypsy Vanner horses will need the right size stable and a big enough corral, paddock or pasture are key for your horses to remain happy and healthy.

Gypsy Vanner Horses for Sale

You may be have barn and fenced pasture on your own land, or be boarding at a horse facility nearby. Gypsy Vanner horses are herd animals and take comfort in having at least one other horse friend, so keep that in mind if you are thinking of housing your newly adopted Gypsy Vanner horse on your own property.

Horses are also grazing animals that naturally will walk on average 20 miles a day. Confining a Gypsy Vanner horse to a small area where he can't move around can lead to many behavior and health problems.

Horses for Sale in North Carolina

So where ever you keep your horse, make sure that both the barn, pastures and especially the fencing are safe, well-maintained, with plenty of room to move around - and that they have a horse friend or two!

Above all you need to make the decision to adopt a Gypsy Vanner horse with confidence, and consider how your lifestyle may change when owning a Gypsy Vanner horse.

gypsy vanner horses for sale in nc

Remember that horses live long lives, an average of 30 years or more. Owning your own horse requires a serious investment in your time as well as money. Older Gypsy Vanner horses may need less exercise than younger ones, but they still require daily cleaning, feeding, and love!

Gypsy Vanners for Sale

If you are boarding a Gypsy Vanner horse, make sure to ask if the fee includes a daily mucking and turnout, or be prepared to spend at least an hour cleaning both your horse and their stall, in addition to the time needed to give them their daily exercise. Finally, ask the broader what supplies are included, such as buckets, feed, hay, and bedding, or if you will need to purchase and provide those.

If you have contact info for a shelter in one of these places that does not have pets posted with us, please e-mail us and we'll contact them. Missouri St. Our mission and passion is to help get homeless pets out of the shelters and into loving homes. Let us know what you think! My Favorite Pets.Charlie or Moon is a seven year old, registered, KY Mountain gelding. We lovingly call him Moon.

Moon stands at a stout Due to his excellent…. Buddy is a handsome, sweet guy standing at a nice He is ApHC registered, sound, and just turned 24, but don't let that number fool you!

He has…. ALI Double registered mare she is walking and spotted. Stands about She is your husband horse! She will trail ride absolutely…. Pearl is a gorgeous 12 year old, 18 hand Grey Percheron mare. She is a sweetheart and very easy to handle on the ground and under saddle.

She will walk…. Dusty- 11yr, Dusty has been used for trail…. Bombproof and beginner friendly. Long stride.

More woah than go. Stands for farrier vet etc 17years. Suit older trail…. Bentley is a 13 year old Bentley is Mr. No spook, buck, rear, or bolt.The founders and importers of the first Gypsy Vanner horses to the United States, learn about us from the beginning. Come and meet the Gypsy Vanners in person and enjoy a personal tour by breed founder Dennis Thompson. The foundation of the Gypsy Vanner breed began with Gypsy Gold, start here to read about our vision and progress.

Authentic, handcrafted and built here in the United States, in four luminous color combinations. They are siring the next generation of versatile Vanners. Let them bring your dreams to fruition Whether you have dreams of starting your own breeding program or just want to enjoy the thrill of owning one, the Gypsy Gold Farm is the place to begin your search for the perfect Gypsy Vanner horse! Join us at 10AM on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays or Saturdays for a 2 hour tour of the farm and the horses, hosted by Dennis Thompson and featuring the story of the discovery of the breed.

Ziggy is one of only two colts sired by Versace, and the only one currently intact. Emma has had six months of professional training under saddle and ground driving and has since been used for regular trail riding.

She is easy going and not easily frightened. Emma has a […]. The founders and importers of the first Gypsy Vanner horses to the United States, learn about us from the beginning Read more We love visitors, but please make an appointment!

Tour Gypsy Gold. It all started here. Authentic Gypsy Drays Authentic, handcrafted and built here in the United States, in four luminous color combinations. Visit the Gypsy Gold Gift Shop.

Meet the kings of Gypsy Gold. Authentic Gypsy Vanner Horses For Sale Whether you have dreams of starting your own breeding program or just want to enjoy the thrill of owning one, the Gypsy Gold Farm is the place to begin your search for the perfect Gypsy Vanner horse! Visit our current sales listings. Historical Beginnings. Book A Tour. Gypsy Gold Gift Shop. Second Tab Description. Third Tab Description.

gypsy vanner horses for sale in nc

Fourth Tab Description. Home Page Right Widget Area. For information, call Please leave a review! GG Horses For Sale.Gypsy Vanner Filly Wisconsin.

This little girl was imprinted at birth and has been curious and friendly since day one. She loves attention and has a wonderful p Gypsy Vanner Mare New Hampshire. Leah was a broodmare she is homozygous she is broke to ride but very green she would need a experienced rider she has been on trai Gypsy Vanner Mare Florida. Gypsy Vanner Gelding Michigan. Tornado is a beautiful 6 year old gelding with a wonderful disposition.

Beginner safe! Please contact us for more information, p Gypsy Vanner Filly Pennsylvania. She is absolutely gorgeous and will turn heads the more she Gypsy Vanner Stallion Kentucky.

For more details and pictures of this horse please text or call us directly via: He is an Alpha personality Gypsy Gypsy Vanner Stallion Colorado. This Stallion Gypsy Vanner Mare Colorado. Ginger is from the UK, an Do you want to sell your horse fast? We've put together a guide to help you understand your options and walk you step by step through the process.

Read The Guide. Navigation Menu Site navigation.Choosing to produce only a few foals a year, we take pride in breeding our Champion Mares to our Champion Stallion to produce the world class quality and caliber you have come to expect from Shenandoah.

🏆Coby 4yr old Reg Gypsy vanner gelding offered for sale ❗❗❗

We have watched them grow into outstanding show horses competing all over the country in Halter and Performance. We breed foremost for conformation, movement and temperament. We strive for all around versatility with our goal being athleticism as well as beauty.

An affectionate nature is just as important in the offspring we produce as abundant feather, mane and tail. All of these unique qualities are why I fell in love with the Gypsy Vanner Horse and now I look forward to making some of our horses available to others.

Dedicated to quality and not quantity, Shenandoah produces only a few foals each year. These youngsters are trained and presented in competition at horse shows around the country. These yearlings, two and three year old colts and fillies have now become Champions in their own right. Competing alongside their sires and dams, these incredible offspring are proving the legacy of commitment and consistency for which Shenandoah has become synonymous.

Now it is possible for you to own a Shenandoah Gypsy Vanner of your own. Please visit the Sale Page for current offerings with photos and information. It's official! Tom and Maybelline's colt has a name SGV Tuxedo, we call him Tux around the barn. We are looking forward to adding "TUX" to being part of our phenomenal stallion line up.

We wish all our fellow Gypsy Vanner friends success in the Show ring as well as in their ventures with the wonderful Gypsy Vanner Horse! Look for Shenandoah's announcements of upcoming promotions and Show Sponsorships here! Email: info SGVHorses. Welcome to SGVH. Our Stallions. WR Young Latcho Lou. The Legend of Castlecomer.

Stallion Service Agreement.This is a great opportunity to purchase a breeding…. Sampson is as friendly as he is beautiful. He has been featured in a horse training course and has had over hours of training. He has had extensive…. Mirella is the prettiest mare and fantastic in the arena and on the trails! She is so enjoyable, she's therapeutic! Mirella has a lovely flowing mane and…. Thrones is the most stunning mover we have ever seen! He has a balanced, uphill build…. Here is our Beautiful filly for consideration If you've always wanted a stunning breathtaking horse here's your chance Kiara is one of the most beautiful….

Norbert is the perfect example…. Indy is a superb quality filly with a short back, good conformation and LOTS of hair! PSSM negative by parentage. Indy should finish around 15 hands. This filly is top notch! BIG and correct. Inka would make a superb dressage mount with the amazing movement she has. We do have video available.

She has…. Sort Horses by Lazarus - Breed Gypsy Vanner. Gender Stallion. Color Tobiano. Height hh View Details. Gender Gelding.

Color Black. Gender Mare. Color Palomino. Gender Filly. Color Buckskin.

gypsy vanner horses for sale in nc

Stunning, Gypsy Yearling Filly Indy. Browse Gypsy Vanners by State. Alberta British Columbia. Manitoba Nova Scotia. Ontario Quebec. Gypsy Vanner Trainers.


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